The Solution to Ocean Plastics Is here

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Humans are the most destructive species on Earth. Because of our everyday activity and factories, oceans, rivers, and air are extremely polluted. Fish eat the plastic thrown away by humans and die in countless numbers. We should take action to stop our precious oceans from oblivion! We need to raise awareness of the problem and try to fix it – by using social media, donating to respectable organizations, or maybe even becoming a volunteer. You can also learn a lot about helping the oceans at an online school. You will attend the online learning classes taught the best in their craft. You might discuss ocean pollution on educational platforms if you bring that topic up at an online school! You will get to tell fellow students about the fact that helping the environment is like helping ourselves. Learning and sharing when surrounded by supportive staff and colleagues is a great experience. Attending an online school will look good on your future resume, as well. Take a step forward today, and share about the global problem concerning oceans.

Help us bridge the final $5.5 million needed to put our first hybrid hydrothermal liquefaction ship in service.

Our custom on-board system has been independently validated to convert up to 50 tons of unsorted plastic and biomass per day into 285 barrels of high-quality, ultra-low sulfur eco-diesel.

With advanced technologies, on-board processing systems, holding tanks for nearly 1700 barrels, our unique ability to refuel at sea, along with a clean diesel engine and emissions reducing scrubbers, Oceans United has a highly efficient, safe, and robust solution to the ocean plastics devastation across our planet.


We Need Your Help

Our initial endowment of $40 million is set to be exhausted before the end of 2019. We need an additional $5.5 million to get to the GPGP and become self-sustaining.

  • $5.4 million spent to perfect and certify our hydrothermal liquefaction systems

  • $28 million spent on our ship

  • $4.7 million for insurance, registration, and fees for our ship

  • $5 million for the retrofit and systems integration

  • $1.2 million for ongoing operating costs through June, 2020.

Our first four crew members will be working with Incat and the shipyard on the design and planning to integrate our custom systems onboard.

We’ve accomplished so much, and come so far.

Please help us get to the GPGP and start cleaning our world’s oceans.

Anything you can do to help

  • raise awareness

  • media attention

  • assist with bequests and trusts

  • fundraising events

  • spreading the word on social media

  • assisting with documenting our journey and mission

  • directly pledging a donation

    … will move us that much closer to ridding our oceans of toxic plastic.

Donate Today

What Comes Next

After the retrofit and systems integrations are complete, we are set to begin sea trials in March, 2020, with iCat-90 Skimmer’s maiden voyage set for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22, 2020.

On our route to the GPGP, we plan to visit many ports along the way to further raise awareness and bolster local, national, and regional governments, NGOs, organizations, and everyday citizens to do their part to reduce the plight of ocean plastics, and to assist with the accelerated build and deployment of additional Oceans United vessels.



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