Keith Flitner - President and Co-Founder

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A seasoned professional with over 25 years of international business experience, Keith started his career as an engineer and was quickly recognized for his ability to promote complex technical sales in a global environment. His versatile background has made him successful in the ever-changing business world while working in management roles at Parker Aerospace, Eaton, Pratt & Whitney, and Hamilton Sundstrand. Keith is certified in Program Management and is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America and the United States Navy Reserve. He holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and an M.B.A. from Chapman University.


Michel Berthiaume
- Chairman and Co-Founder (Retired)

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Entrepreneur, Investor & Venture Capitalist has been involved in multiple start ups, in manufacturing, power generation, software, apparel, security and internet technology. He successfully has been involved in development, launch and public offerings of numerous on line resources and on line commerce sites such as Alibaba from its early years in China to many well known companies and sites today. Viewed in some circles as a visionary. Presently assists numerous organizations and business in their development, expansion and commercialization on a global basis. Michel also speaks in many international conferences, seminars and round table discussions and has published a number of articles related to Startups.


David Martinsen - Non-Profit Advisor

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Innovative Sales and Marketing Leader offering a 25+ year track record of success in strategic planning, new business development, execution and international relationships. Customer focused visionary able to see the big picture. Diverse management experience, decisive leadership, motivated by results to successfully penetrate new markets, capture market share and accelerate top and bottom-line revenue growth. A growth-oriented strategist with an ability to build trust and guide successful teams to achieve dramatic sales results.


Bob McClatchy - CFO


Robert is a former Board Chair of the Reef Check Foundation. He graduated from the University of California Riverside with a B.S. in Environmental Science and from Pepperdine University with an MBA in finance. Robert's career spans over the transportation, management, and finance industries. He currently teaches at universities and develops forecasts models for the Reluctant Capitalist.


Richard E Hyman - Non-Profit Advisor

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A former diver for Jacques Cousteau, Richard is an Aquanaut, Author, Educator, Environmentalist and Public Speaker. He leads Future Frogmen, a non-profit organization that inspires and supports multidisciplinary education about earth’s aquatic environments through exploration and leadership development. His career has been in telecommunications and technology, where he held executive positions within leading corporations and ventures.


Suno Yu - Non-Profit Advisor, Europe

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Lorraine Simpson
- Non-Profit Advisor, Canada

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Kiko Matthews - Ambassador

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I am passionate about education, science and innovation and being on the Education Board of such an innovative project is hugely exciting. Finding engaging ways to connect people, young and old, combining this with the science on the boats and the surrounding environment of the boats, is the most important thing I believe we can offer individuals.