The iCat-90 is the best option for safe ocean operations. Based on an existing catamaran design used around the world from the North Sea to Austrailia. The tri-deck layout allows for the plastic debris to be efficiently recycled onboard in the Plastic-to-Fuel (P2F) processing center. We have added other enhancements to make the iCat-90 the world's most unique ocean cleaning vessel.

Built by Incat
Retrofit contracted with shipyard in UK

Cost: $28 million
Retrofit: $5 million

Deck 1 - P2F Recycling System (50 tons/day)
Deck 2 - Container Storage (20 ISO 40’), Crews Quarters (Crew 8, Officers 3)

Deck 3
- Classrooms (2)
- Lounge/Dining Facility
- Research Labs (2)
- Digital Media Center
- Guest Cabins (15 passengers)

- Bridge
- Helicopter landing pad and waiting room